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Our variety of raw materials is like a journey around the world. After all, we are Europe's herb and spice distributor with the widest assortment. We keep 1,600 dried, herbal raw materials in stock for you and distribute them in Germany, Europe and all over the world.
Nature directly from stock


2nd and 30th of October 2023

Bridge Days

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that we will take a little time off on the bridge days on 2nd and 30th October, 2023. We will be back for you after the holidays on 4th of October and 1st of November 2023. Your Galke Team
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Everything stays better!

Finally new, finally online. Our new B2B webshop is here for you! We have listened to you, we have modified, we have improved. Our team has done everything to make your shopping experience with us easier - with a clearly arranged product classification, user-friendly navigation and fast check-out. Thanks to an even more intuitive interface, you will get to the raw materials you are looking for faster. Of course, we are aware that even the good can (and must) be improved. That's why we look forward to your constructive feedback, which helps us to become better and better.
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Werde Teil des Teams!

Als wachsendes Unternehmen in einer wachsenden Branche, bei der die Natur im Zentrum steht, freuen wir uns grundsätzlich auf Initiativbewerbungen. Aktuell möchten wir besonders gerne diese Positionen besetzen: Kaufmännische Angestellte (m/w/d) und Produktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d).
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At Galke we prefer to obtain whole goods from every part of the world, so ...
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Metal detectors identify and separate even the smallest metal particles, and ...
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Like cutting, milling is also one of our everyday production processes. So it’s no surprise that ...
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Large drums mix our products slowly and carefully. Slow revolution speeds demand much ...
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If pest control should be an issue, we can deal with it. Our disinfestation equipment can hold up to ...
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Steam treatment

As far as microbacterial contamination is concerned, we ...
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Although we mainly store and resell bulk goods in our area of 24,366 m², we ...
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Foreword - so that enthusiasm can (re-)grow. The love for the region, the passion for nature and the willingness to give everything for it: Perhaps our attitude to what we do every day can best be summed up like this.
While the whole world is talking about sustainability, here in Gittelde we look at each other in amazement: These seemingly so new maxims have always been our orientation. Only talked about it we have more less. We prefer to do. Certainly, this is also due to the fact that our raw materials would hardly be imaginable without an intact nature. Wherever they are gathered and harvested, space and time are needed to enable new growth. Live and let live.
Only those who have understood this and act accordingly ensure renewable enthusiasm and make it possible for future generations to earn a living and an income.

Greetings from Gittelde
Your Hartmut Galke and Team
Galke - inherently better. At Galke, we trade in dried herbs, spices and herbal raw materials worldwide. We process and refine these and offer our customers the corresponding services.
As an owner-managed family business with over 100 years of history and in the fourth generation, we have contacts. This enables us to import directly from the countries of origin. We also have worldwide contacts with our customers in various industries. We supply common herbal raw materials as well as unusual specialities.

Watch out, sometimes it gets wild! In many regions of the world, we resort to selective cultivation for herbs, spices and plant-based raw materials. In addition, a large part of our assortment still comes from wild collection. Experienced collectors ensure a careful and sustainable use of resources.
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